Visiting Germany /Bavaria area with kids

Visiting Germany with kids, places to visit, things to do and more.

Hi my name is Angelica. I am a mom, wife, photographer and I love to travel. Recently my family and I visited Germany, specifically the Garmish, Bavaria area and I fell in love with this beautiful country. We visited during the end of June and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. So I wanted to share our experience with you. We are a family of four with our kids age 4 and 10. This trip was by far our favorite family vacation ever! The kids loved every single minute of it, below is the break down of our family vacation.

We travelled by car via the ferry in Dover - UK. This was the cheapest way for our family to travel with our own vehicle and be able to drive everywhere we wanted without having to rent a car.

Dover Port, UK

We arrived in Dunkirk France, at the ferry port. From there we drove 5 hours to Ramstein and spent the night. In the town outside of Ramstein there is a place called Big Emma’s and the food was the best food I have ever had, they lived up to their name by offering huge portions of food and even bigger beers. The next morning we headed to Garmish but on our way there it made sense to stop and see the beautiful Disney inspired Cinderella castle, Neuschwanstein Castle . Parking was €7. You can book to do a tour of the castle our you can just go hiking up the mountain to sight see (which is what we did). We wanted to see the castle from Queen Mary bridge, which is one of the best views of the castle and surrounding area.. You can get to the bottom of the bridge by hiking, bus shuttle or by horse and carriage ride. I got impatient because I could not find the stop for the shuttle bus and decided to hike it. Wrong move! You can hike straight up through the woods or follow the road. Well I did not want to lose the light to take my photos so I decided to hike through the woods and half way up I felt like I was dying lol . So I do not suggest this unless you are crazy and love hiking up the side of a mountain. To be honest it was a beautiful hike just crazy difficult. We took the shuttle down and it was only €1.50 per adult. (if I go back this will be my choice for sure). Also there is another castle near by that is called Hohenschwangau Castlewhich we did not visit but I was able to snap a few photos of it. If you have plenty of time and want to visit the two castles, to see them inside and out will be an all day trip.

Neuschwanstein Castle Hohenschwangau Castle

After the castle we continued our journey to our final destination Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Where we stayed at the beautiful Edelweiss Lodge and Resort with gorgeous mountain views.

Right outside of Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

Next day we decided to go hiking in the scenic mountains. We were directed to check out Partnach Gorge this was a super easy hike and kid friendly. We parked at the bottom near an Olympic sized ski jump where parking was €7. We walked with our kids for about 20 minutes and when we arrived we discovered that you can either hike above the gorge (which is free) or you can pay €5 per person (my 4 year old was free) to hike through the caves directly inside the gorge. Going through the caves is absolutely a must do! It is simply breathtaking, our kids even loved it. If you have a child younger than 4 I would recommend a carrier for them so they don't slip and fall on the path.

Inside Partnach Gorge