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The Portrait Artist Presents

On Pointe!

​Are you a dancer en pointe?
Join my short and sweet project this summer!


Who Are We

As you know I have never danced, but I have always been fascinated by dancers an their ability to portray deep emotion while looking graceful and effortless!  

I always wanted to photograph dancers, and two years ago I finally had the opportunity to do so in my project "Dance with Emotion", and I fell in love and wanted to do more! 

That is why I launched this new project, "On Pointe"! This project will showcase dancers en pointe who wants to be part of artistic story telling  portraits! I can't wait to see what we create!


Project Details

We are looking for 12 dancers en pointe to photograph throughout this summer. 


This initiative entails the development of a creative dance project characterized by the customization of individual "characters" tailored to each dancer. A meticulous curation process will encompass hair, makeup, and wardrobe selections aligned with the respective character profiles. The culmination of this endeavor will result in the production of a purchasable calendar showcasing the artistic culmination of our efforts.

To apply to be part of this project, make sure to fill out the form below the project details. 

If you are selected for the project, the price to participate is $300 and includes the session with us at the studio, one high-resolution digital image, one professional print, and being a part of this sweet project. The total value of this project is $865. 


Requirements to be considered are that you must be en pointe and you need to ensure you can sign a model release form, and you must be okay with your photos being used for competition and magazine submissions as well as for marketing purposes. However, we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for commitment, people who are able to commit to the day you choose and the project as a whole and take it seriously!


So if you feel you are qualified for this project, please get in touch with us and fill out the form!

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