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The Experience

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Would you love to experience the feeling of timeless portraits?

Allow me to create a beautiful piece of art, tailored just for you.

Giving you irreplaceable heirlooms for your family to enjoy for years to come.

What We Offer


Complementary Hair& MakeUp

Client Closet

The consultation is where you get to know us, and we get to know you face to face. There will be no charge for you. 

Having a consultation helps us prepare for your session and for you to get beneficial tips to capture your best portraits. 

Our professional hair and make-up artist will make sure that you are ready to go for the shoot. Please let us know your make-up concerns during the consultation, so we will be able to provide the make-up that is the best for you.

Don't have clothes to wear for your photos? No worries. We have a great collection in our wardrobe you can use during your shoot at our studio. We are also really good at using what you have. Send us your styling ideas and we can work from there!

NO Rush

We do not have time limits set for your photoshoot. Our goal is that our clients leave the studio with photos they 100% love. Some people need a while to warm up in front of the camera, and some people don't. We don't rush you, so take as much time as you need to get your perfect portraits!

Professional Guidance

Never had a good experience with having your picture taken? Maybe it was because the photographer did not guide you well, or explain how to pose in front of the camera. Everyone can look good, all we need is a little guidance. We'll pose you the way you look absolutely the best, step by step!

Outfit Changes

We like to have a little bit of everything in your gallery! Usually we will allow clients 3 to 4 outfit changes. So bring a few sets of different styles, shoes and accessories. Don't worry! We have a private space in our studio where you can change.

Immediate Photo Selection

Strike while the iron is hot! Immediately after your session, we will reveal your unedited photos, and we will go through selecting your images together. We will make sure that you leave our studio 100% happy with your selection.​

Professional Retouching

No other photographer around this area puts as much effort for the retouching as we do here at The Portrait Artist. Your photos might not be just for you... someday it might be passed down to your family, kids or the next generation. We would like you and your family to remember the beautiful moment.

Digital Images

If you are not looking to print products, we have digital images available for you to purchase. It is a great option for sharing your images with your family, to use for your social media profile, branding your business and more... Let us know if you are just looking for a headshot. We have a deal every 3rd Thursday for it!

Professional Prints from Italy

All of our printed products are printed and shipped from our lab in Italy. Our printed products are made with museum archival quality materials that are meant to last up to 300 years. Printing your portraits on a great canvas is almost like a giving life to the portrait. We highly recommend you to check it out.

Check out the PBS-KMOS show "Making," an episode that featured The Portrait Artist!

Episode shows who we are and how we create our portraits.

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