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The 30 Women Over 30 Campaign

I invite you to this unique experience to reveal your true beauty...

Become one of the 30 women I will photograph next year and let your strong true self speak through the beautiful portrait of you.



Now it is time for us to start existing in photos.

I want women like me to feel beautiful and belong on the magazine's front page. I understand that we are not all the same cookie cutter, and not every woman wants to be in the same dress. This is the opportunity for you to be embraced and celebrated by photographing true yourself and expressing it.


Boudoir, glamour pin-up, you name it.


I will make it happen.


This session is all about what you dreamed of.

As a mom and woman,

I know how hard to exist in the photos. We are constantly hiding behind the camera and being the ones to take pictures of our loved ones.


For your participation in this project, for $300, you will receive 

  • A fully guided professional session with us at the studio

  • Access to our client closet

  • Complementary hair and makeup service

  • One high-resolution digital image

  • One 11 x 14 museum archival quality print from our lab in Italy

  • Be a part of the women bash night at the end of the campaign

- ​The total value of $867.

*$300 session fee must be paid when booking. Non-refundable. Your 11x14 print will be displayed at the women bash night and will be handed to you after the event ends.


Do you always feel you are not photogenic enough?

Feeling like you have to lose extra weight before the photograph?

You don't have to worry about it anymore!


Because this campaign is about you and an adventure to capture your true beauty that does not always get to be seen. 

Book your free consultation today, we will not disappoint you:)

Interested in this campaign? Send your request from this contact form! 

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