Maternity Photoshoot 

Maternity Photoshoots Preserve Precious Memories

A maternity photoshoot from The Portrait Artist captures the beauty of pregnancy in all its vulnerable, raw, sensual, and powerful forms. We will create gorgeous images that showcase this very special time of your life. Growing a new life is not always easy, but is something you will want to remember forever. 

For your maternity photoshoot, you will have access to my client's closet, which has various gowns for your selection. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, no need to worry - I will guide you every step of the way and eliminate those anxieties and nerves! 

I suggest scheduling your maternity photoshoot for when you are at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy, but it can take place during whatever time you feel most comfortable and want to remember most. Stretch marks and navel ring scars can be removed or touched up in post-processing with your permission. Some clients prefer to leave these - the choice is yours.

Mom and baby connections are important, and these pictures are one of those treasures that we look back on throughout our lives.  As parents, we have the joy of being able to reflect on some of the most precious memories a mother will ever have, and as children, we love looking back on that special bond with our mothers that we had from the very beginning.

If you would like to get more information about a maternity photoshoot and mom and baby sessions then please don't hesitate to contact me at The Portrait Artist. Together, we can make some memories, build some parent-child bonds, and create precious mementos that you will cherish forever.