-Portrait Trade in Program-



For limited time only, you will have the opportunity to trade in your unused dresses for an amazing Portrait experience. 


The Portrait Artist is trying to create a client wardrobe therefore we need your help! We are launching a portrait trade in program to help reach that goal.

What is The Portrait Trade in Program?

The Portrait Trade in program allows clients to receive a voucher with a value between £10 to £100 max. This voucher can be redeemed towards the session fee or any products in the á la carte menu. The voucher price is to be determined by The Portrait Artist based on the dress you are wanting to trade in.

This is what we are looking for:

Ball gown- maternity- prom-kids- teen- vintage

I have created an inspiration board on Pinterest. Check out what we are looking for!

Click on the collage  to visit our Pinterest inspiration board.









  • Previous clients may take advantage of this promotion if redeemed before January 31.

  • Please refrain from trading items acquired from the airman’s attic since this goes against their policy. 

  • Not redeemable for cash. The voucher can only be used once.

  • Not exchangeable or transferable. 

  • Submit all potential trade in for a quote individually.

  • Items must not be torn, damaged or missing pieces.

  • It's The Portrait Artist's sole discretion to determine the exchangeable value per item. 

  • Agreement of the voucher is final once items have been surrendered, contract has been signed and voucher has been issued.

  • The Portrait Artist is not responsible for any stolen items please ensure that all items being traded belong to you.

  • Max accumulated voucher value may not to exceed £100 per client/per family.

  • Vouchers can be used combined however, they cannot be used on mini sessions.


Can I trade in more than one dress?

Yes, you may trade in more than one dress, as long as the trade in value doesn’t exceed £100 combined.

Why wasn’t my dress accepted?

Currently we are looking for a glamour look to stock our client wardrobe. If you’re dress wasn’t accepted means that at the time, it doesn’t fit our vision.

Can I get my trade-in back if I change my mind?

No, once our team has started processing your trade-in and voucher has been issued all transactions are final.

This offer is only valid from now until January 31 2020. Voucher will have an expiration date to be used by October 31 2020.


 Ready to trade in?

Use the button below and find out if your dress is eligible for the program. 



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