I have been waiting for months to finally introduce you to the “Mom and Me Connections”. A special session designed to document the relationship you are growing and developing with your child. Motherhood is beautiful and you deserve images that help tell that story.

You must be wondering, what is this “Mom and Me Connections”? Well, let me explain.

This session has been meticulously designed with new moms in mind. Newborn photos can be a bit overwhelming. You’re probably still recuperating from the expense of buying all new baby items. Diapers and wipes can add up really quick. You might not want to take the baby out in to the world being so small and fragile because in order to get those amazing newborn portraits it’s best to take them within the first few days of life. Maybe you’re just exhausted, you rather sleep and start getting used to the baby’s schedule. I remember that all I wanted to do was rest the first few weeks after bringing my baby home from the hospital.

“Mom and me connections” is all about you and your child and you deserve to capture it. It’s a great moment for mom and baby to have their first professional fine art portrait together. To get genuine smiles, capture your child's personality and preserve the bond between you and your baby. This is a great time to capture through my lens your breast-feeding journey with breathtaking fine art portraiture from that beautiful stage in motherhood.

These are one of a kind portraits. Timeless art that you would love to display at your home and hold close to your heart. These sessions are tastefully artistic, elegant and simple. I utilize minimalistic props and decor, stripping away distractions so that the imagery focuses on the connection you share with your child.

The Portrait Artist has a client's closet, from which you have access when you book a studio session with us. This is a personalize design session for your needs. These sessions are great for sitting age babies usually 6+ months.

I hope you guys love these images as much as I do, Jennifer and baby Michael did amazing!!! I have the pleasure to capture her maternity images and now their beautiful mom and me connections.

If you would love to get some beautiful fine art portraits I am located in the Lakenheath area in the Suffolk county, extending my services to the local areas like Mildenhall, Feltwell, Cambridge, Bury Saint Edmunds and more. If you would like more information please email us. I will love to chat.

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