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Before and After

Today I want to share a little bit of what goes into photography editing. Yes!, it is important to get your image right on camera, however to me, photography is an art. The art of seeing beyond the lens. That is why I love editing and making beautiful images into something spectacular.

I decided to do this quick photo of my daughter a few months back. I was inspired and although I did not feel like doing her hair I did not let that stop me. I choose to use natural light coming from the window on her left and used a reflector on her right. Here is the before and after of the image just to show how little it takes to accomplish a beautiful portrait. If you would like to see more photos like these or a video tutorial learning a specific subject, leave it in the comments and I will try my best to answer any questions and come up with a new tutorial for it.

I accomplished this edit using textures and a mix of two digital backdrops that you can find on my Etsy Shop.

Angelica Page is a local Lakenheath, Feltwell, and Mildenhall fine art portrait photographer, I pride my self by providing timeless portraiture to stand the test of time.

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