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Jurassic Coast Camping trip.

Hi! My name is Angelica I am the mother of two and a photographer. Recently my family and I decided to visit the famous Jurassic coast and we heard that we had to visit the rock formation Durdle Door. Durdle Door is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic coast near Luworth cove in Dorset, England. The Jurassic coast is famous for it's amazing fossils you can find all over the coast. We decided to take advantage of our visit there and made it a family camping trip. We set up camp at Osmington Mills Corner camp site. It was the most affordable way for us to stay a few nights. It was £15 per night, the camp sites are not designated or marked off so you want to make sure you get there as early as possible. Especially if you plan on going when the kids are out of school. We were there while kids were in school on a Tuesday and it was still a little busy. The camp ground was basic but very clean, you have to bring a fire pit or gas grill because you can not have a fire on the ground. The camp ground has bathrooms, sinks to clean dishes and showers (warm water on warm days) as well as few electric outlets if you need to charge you phones or boil the kettle. The campground was very safe in my opinion, we left our tent with everything inside, headed to the beach and we did not have any problems. There is a beach within walking distance. It's a little bit of a hike maybe 20 minutes or so, out the back of the campground, up a hill and there is a pub in the way! If you don't want to hike you can drive 2 minutes and there is parking as well. The parking is £4 to up to 4 hours or £7.50 to up to 6. If you want to go to Durdle Door it is a 15 minute drive and has parking as well. You will have to pay £9.50 for all day, but trust me is worth every penny. It truly is a beautiful location, we packed up a lunch and we spent 5 hours at the beach. There is a little bit of hike going down is no big deal but coming back you may have to stop once or twice because of the steep incline, but it's totally do-able. When you get at the bottom of the hill the path splits in two, the left side leads to a cove that is protected by a natural wave break, the pebbles are bigger, but in my opinion it's a lot safer for inexperienced swimmers. If you have smaller kids, you can even bring a floaty and they will have a blast. photo below.

Left Side

If you go right on the path you will see the beautiful limestone arch, with people jumping from the arch into the ocean. The beach there has smaller rocks, I liked that better on my feet however the current is a bit stronger (so just make sure you keep and eye on the kids), but the view is just stunning. You can find fossil on both beaches if you know what to look for, just look

at the base of the cliffs, that is where you will have better luck at finding some fossils.

Right Side

Over all we had a great experience we stayed there only two nights but I wish we would have stayed longer. There are so many other beaches to explore in the area that we did not get to see. Needless to say, we will go back for sure. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and that you will visit the area too, (you will not be disappointed). Remember if you like my blog please give it some love in the comments or if you have any questions don't forget to post it in the comments section.

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