10 Reasons why ladders are great props!

I have 10 reasons why ladders are a great prop to use in photoshoots for professional photographer or amateurs.

Hi! My name is Angelica, I am your local Lakenheath, Mildenhall and Feltwell area Portrait Artist, I specialize in fine art portraiture. Fine art it is such a broad category and a very subjective form of art. To me fine art is portraiture that resembles a painting, one that has a classic yet vintage feel to it. That is what I am all about! But let’s get to the ladders.

I love using ladders during my photoshoots on location or in studio. These are a few reasons why I use them and why you should consider using them as well.

#1 Vintage feel: Ladders add a vintage feel to images; it gives you a unique yet beautiful prop to add some character to your portraiture. I love the rustic and vintage feel they add to my images.

#2 Level subjects: Ladders are great to bring kids up to the parent's height. This way parents don’t always have to pick up their kids. Personally, I have a back problem and holding my 35 lbs toddler for a whole session would end in horrible back pain. The ladder allows me to bring kids up to their parent's level which is great for making beautiful portraits.

#3 Line Them Up: Not only do the ladders allow kids to come up to the parents level, you can also use them to line up your subjects. This allows you to use a wide aperture, while having everyone in focus and not having to sacrifice your beautiful Bokeh.

#4 They keep your subjects in one place: Ladders are perfect to keep little wiggle worms still, giving you the opportunity to capture beautiful classic portraits, or a simple close up headshot without worrying about someone taking off running. Safety tip: (Make sure you always have an adult near the ladder to prevent any unfortunate falls).

#5 Body lines: Ladders are great for adults as well. Having an adult leaning on a taller ladder helps by changing their body shape giving you different body angles that can be great to photograph.