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Textures and Digital Backdrops

Hi my name is Angelica Page and I am the person behind The Portrait Artist. Todays is Tutorial Tuesday! This is my second tutorial EVER!!! I hope you guys find this tutorial helpful. I will be showing you how I change my boring seamless paper to beautiful master back drops.

You can find my textures and digital backdrops at my Etsy shop. If you guys want to see any tutorials or have any questions about textures please leave them in the comments. I will try to answer as many as I can. Don't forget if you like my work to give my page a like The Portrait Artist and follow me on instagram The_portraitartist Thank you.

PS: If you hear me raise my voice it is me trying hint to my son to please be quiet. Which he wasn't getting the hint.

Don't forget for your digital backdrop, play with opacity and blending modes. for texture, I personally keep it in soft light blending mode.

Image by The Portrait Artist using The Portrait Artist digital backdrop and texture.

The Little girl with pink backdrop: Photo credit to my amazing friend Deanna Fuller from New Memories by Deanna

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