Dodge and Burn tutorial

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Hi there, it's me Angelica Page from The Portrait Artist, I specialise in fine art portraiture and at the moment I am located in England in the Suffolk area. I had many people asking me if I offer tutorials or classes. I do offer one on one photography lessons in person but have never done a video tutorial. So I decided to give it a shot and put together a quick video to show you how I do my dodge and burn technique, since people have been asking. WARNING! This is not a perfect video and I am pretty sure the sound cuts out a few times, however the main idea is still there LOL. If you guys like this video I will start making more small tutorials maybe even in Spanish? To be honest I have never done one because I am always afraid about my accent being to thick and because of my ADD I tend to go all over the place LOL .But oh well! I hope you guys like this little video tutorial . Please leave in the comments session if you have any questions or if perhaps if you would like this video in Spanish. Of course if you like my work don't forget to like my page and follow me in Instagram @The_portraitartist.

Golden Hour
With 70-200 2.8VRII at ISO400-200MM-F/2.8-1/500S

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